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Headstock of the CBG after shaping and about 15 coats of lacquer. The logo was printed on waterslide decal paper and filled in by hand with a gold leaf paint pen. Rubbed out by hand and is as smoth as glass.

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Cigar Box Guitar

Jami said I couldn’t buy another guitar, so I’ll show her. I’m building one…

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These fellers decided to camp in my driveway tonight.  They landed on the edge but then crawled to the middle of the driveway and hunkered down for the night.  Wierd…

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I’ve never…

…flushed a pair of glasses down the toilet – until today.

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Goliath hits the Beach…

A few pix of our trip to Malibu

It wuz Greato…

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Reverend, Rick Vito Signature Model

I fell in love with this guitar at NAMM. It’s very art deco, looks like what a solid body guitar would have been if there were such a thing in the 1930′s. Has some really unique tone controls and pickup combos that make a huge arryy of tones. Very verstile and plays like buttah…

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Sandwiches in Space…

Apparently Space shuttle Mission STS-33 on November, 22 1989 a pork sandwich from Fincher’s BBQ in Macon Georgia was carried into, and consumed in space by astronaut Sonny Carter.

It’s a truly great little hole in the wall in an old cinder block building, been in business for over 75 years.

Mr. Fincher is acient, and very hard to understand, but he is friendly and makes a hell of a BBQ sandwich.

I figure if it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me…

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That was a big hill

Back in December I was up a VAFB for a launch and had an afternoon off. I decided to take my bike to the north base and ride along the coast. IT was a lot hillier than I thought, and one hill was huge and long. After I got to about 35MPH I couldn’t keep up with the pedals, so I just tucked in and went for it. The last time I looked at the GPS it said 48MPH. Later when I got back to the hotel I checked the max speed on the GPS and it was a WHOPPING 58.9 MPH!

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Foot Long Cheeseburger

Catching up on some unpublished stuff.

A couple of months ago my buddy Tad and I heard about a Carl’s Jr. in Anaheim that was test marketing a new product – a Footlong Cheeseburger


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Phreaky Phriday Phlashback Photo

Craigo mentioned that he had some old pix that he could post, that got me looking on line for archives of the old and eventually the re-introduction of that page. For the hell of it I’ll post some old pix from totallywacko on Firday for a while…

Not exactly sure when this picture was taken, but it was at Providence in what is now the Mojave Preserve, probably around 1999…

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